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Lesson from Alan’s death

None of us know how we would react if we had to face what Maureen Greaves has this year. In the midst of the nationwide anger, disgust and outrage at the death of her husband Alan, she has held herself with amazing dignity. While we are all still furious at what happened on Christmas Eve, this grieving widow has already found it in herself to forgive her husband’s killers. Alan was Maureen’s soulmate and her pain has at times been overwhelming. Yet she has found support when she needed it most in her family, friends, community and church. She found the strength to attend the killers’ trial and face the waiting media at the end - to make sure everyone knows that Alan wouldn’t want any of us to hold on to feelings of hate and unforgivingness. If any lesson can come out of this awful tragedy then it is without a doubt Maureen who is teaching us all.

great end to school year

What better way could there be to finish the academic year than by raising £2,000 for charity? That is what the pupils and staff from Chaucer School did with their ‘Race at Your Place’ Cancer Research Charity Run. The students were sponsored to run 10 laps around the 400-metre track - yet one managed to do 20 circuits. It is great to see Sheffield youngsters keeping fit, having fun and helping out a good cause ... surely they’ve earned their summer break.

very costly train ticket

A rather reasonable £2.90 train fare is now costing student Luke Purcell a very hefty £275. If only he’d made sure he bought his ticket before stepping aboard. Rail travellers are being warned not to travel without paying up - and train bosses hope Luke’s story will serve as a lesson to us all. Even if you are making just a short journey, it really isn’t worth the risk ... just ask Luke.