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Scandal of cash loans

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people living in poverty find themselves falling victim to the payday loan companies that charge interest rates at extortionate levels to help bail them out of the mess they find themselves in.
The only problem is that it just spirals them into a world of inescapable debt and misery.
Now, one of our MPs, Paul Blomfield, is to take on these companies in a bid to force them to act in a way not intended to rip off customers. His High Cost Credit Bill is not about stopping payday loans but it is aimed at tougher regulation and responsible operating, preventing them from targeting the most vulnerable people just at the time when they are most in need of ready cash. Some of the tactics reported to the MP are completely out of order, including sending text messages at night when the companies know someone may be running out of cash. Our investigations found that if you borrowed £10, you would have to pay back £15 the following day in interest - it is a scandal - and full marks to Mr Blomfield for taking on these companies.

give more to hospital

Make It Better Day has arrived - 24 hours of activities which represent the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity’s biggest-ever mass fundraising drive. Considering it is the first event of its kind, the reaction has been encouraging, with hundreds signing up to help collect funds for the site’s big redevelopment scheme, due to begin in Autumn. And there are few causes more worthy than the children’s hospital, as mum Laura Cartwright knows all too well after medics kept her son Carter alive when he was born with lung problems. Every penny counts. Donations can still be made today and activities can still take place.It’s in everyone’s best interests that the improvements are the best they can possibly be and the hospital keeps its proud status as a national centre of excellence for specialist children’s care.