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Helping our businesses

You only look have to look at the headlines in today’s Business Review to see that Sheffield has turned a corner. They say Positive signs, Sunny spells and Making Progress. But the most encouraging one states SMEs lead region’s revival because these small and medium-sized enterprises account for more than two-thirds of private sector jobs. The private sector is key to emerging from years of economic gloom. There are initiatives aimed at helping it grow, but the sector will never achieve its potential without cutting red tape. We hope decision-makers understand they’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Proud to shop local

Local independent stores are part of what makes Sheffield a different city to metropolitan rivals such as Leeds.
But we don’t do enough to promote them, which is why the Independents’ Day Market is such a great idea. 
Of course, it is the brainchild of one of our longest-serving independent retailers, Atkinson’s, which has announced a massive investment scheme to modernise its store. As manager Graham Firth says: “The city has such a vibrant retail history to share.” But unless it is properly supported, it will continue to feal the effects of the tough trading environment. That support doesn’t just start and end with the council, it is up to us as shoppers to support as well.

Michael’s a real star

Singing sensation Michael Buble has shown he is a genuine guy who hasn’t forgotten his roots. 
He has a great track record in raising money and having spend the past few days here rehearsing for his series of shows in London, he has decided to open the doors for his dress rehearsal at the Motorpoint with all money going to charity. It is great to see people putting something back.