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Litter plan is flawed

It seems a bizarre way of tackling litter problems by suspending street cleaning ahead of action to tackle the issue. But that is the “innovative” idea from Sheffield Council which is launching the initiative in Page Hall. And judging by the initial reaction of residents, it has not gone down too well. Clearly, there is a litter problem in the area, with Coun Jack Scott saying dealing with the amount is “a big struggle”. But leaving it to lie for a week could surely just encourage other people to discard their rubbish too. Surely the answer is a mixture of enforcement, education and engineering - the latter being more bins and reactive street cleaning operations. And that could be the backdrop to the Week of Action. Residents in the neighbourhood need to be reminded, too, that litter doesn’t create itself, it is the people who cause it.

Give fancie fair chance

We hope that the cash troubles facing a Sheffield cupcake empire are temporary and can be tackled. Fancie, which grew from a home kitchen enterprise into one of the city’s biggest brands, is expected to go into voluntary liquidation today. This is a shame but should not signal the end of what is a good business. New enterprises often go through tough times but judging by its early success Fancie should succeed. Let us hope the creditors show some understanding and give this business a chance to thrive again.

Dreams do come true

How good must Bruce Springsteen fan Stephanie Dunn have felt when she danced and played guitar with her hero? She was picked from the crowd at Glasgow’s Hampden Park after holding a placard asking to be chosen. What a thrill and some reward after queuing for 29 hours to get in front of the stage. It proves that sometimes dreams do come true, so keep on wishing.