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victory is well won

It is a victory for common sense, but without the combined forces of our readers, the business community and this newspaper, the protected status of Made in Sheffield could have been a thing of the past.
Sometimes it is very easy to take for granted the lobbying power we have, but it is clear that the profile we have given to the proposal to take away the power of the Cutler’s Company to endorse the Sheffield brand has had an instrumental effect in influencing a decision that is likely to be confirmed in the summer to withdraw the plan. And that is the right decision for so many reasons. We are a proud bunch in South Yorkshire and rightly so. And when we are under attack, we will fight back, with a swiftness and force that can surprise others. But we must pick and choose our battles wisely - this was one of them. The assault on red tape is a welcome one, but the lesson we hope the Government has learned is that it also has to be a considered one. In defence of the Government the proposal to remove the stamp of approval was one that was put out to consultation. But why waste the time on doing that in the first place? It was mistaken.
Our thanks to all those who joined the campaign so quickly. It is an important victory quickly won.

smile city

Our city is famous for many reasons, in the year of the centenary celebrations of the founding of stainless steel, there are many causes to shout about ourselves. And now we have a new reason - we are officially the happiest city in the country. One third of city residents who responded to the survey said they felt happy every single day of the week. In a time when there is plenty to get us down, the resilience we have is a tribute to us.

Brave Sam

We commend the bravery of Sam Turner who today launches a blog to take us through her traumatic journey of a double mastectomy. We hope other women draw strength from her writing.