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Track down the culprit

How can someone live with themselves after they know they’ve knocked over an elderly woman and fled the scene without a care for her? What sort of lowlife is capable of such a loathsome act? We understand a driver might panic in such a situation, but to abandon an 82-year-old great grandmother without even looking to see if she was OK is callous. We hope Kathleen Toulson’s brave decision to relive her ordeal in The Star today pays dividends and pricks the conscience of the driver or somebody who knows them. The person responsible should face justice and be punished for breaking the law. If you can help, make sure you do.

Help stop car crime

Vehicle crime is something we complain about but are we doing enough to stop it? It’s all too easy to whinge about your car being broken into but when it comes to doing something the story changes. Now is our chance to change this. Police have launched a new crackdown and want our help to track down offenders by reporting suspicious behaviour. It sounds simple, but do we actually do this? If you hear a car alarm, do you react? It’s important to play a part in this police initiative because the force is only as good as the help it gets. So let us help them build intelligence, arrest the criminals profiting from vehicle crime and get them to court.

30 years of park life

Rother Valley Country Park is a great place to go and has been for 30 years. Visited by around one million people in its first year, the park has gone from strength to strength, attracting sailors, water skiers, school parties, runners and dog walkers. The aim now is to attract people for another 30 years and, with the park’s track record for success, we’re sure it can do this.