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Drug fires a risk to all

The number of fires at cannabis factories has gone up by seven per cent. Not only are they on the rise, they are also a lot more dangerous than your average house fire. The heightened risk of live electrics, fire spread and structural collapse make them a huge hazard to our city’s firefighters. Yet cannabis factories aren’t easy to spot as they are often confined to normal-looking houses in your average Sheffield neighbourhood. That is they aren’t easy to spot unless you live close to one. Strange smells, unusual activity? If you have suspicions about a property near your own home then you should do something about it and contact the police. After all the most serious blazes aren’t just a risk to one house, they can spread quickly and then everyone is in danger.

Let’s do the time walk

It is great to see that Sheffield’s newest history project has got off to a good start. The Time Walk Project is working to highlight all of our city’s great heritage ... and not before time we say. Sheffield has an amazing history full of stories, people and places that should never be forgotten. Every neighbourhood has its own hidden gems and tales of tragedy, success , joy and pain. So good luck to this group of volunteers who are working so hard to promote this historical city of ours. Why not take the chance to meet them at our Retro History Fair at Manor Lodge on Saturday?

Fun side of foster care

We have all heard horror stories about foster care so it is reassuring to see the other side. As with all parenting, there are moments of great joy from the simplest things but sometimes you need extraordinary amounts of patience as a foster parent. Today’s Family Matters highlights the work of The Chrysalis Consortium and those loving moments that come when you least expect.