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healthy way to save cash

More than 100,000 unwanted hospital dinners were thrown away in Sheffield last year. That is £420,000 of taxpayers’ money literally chucked in the bin between 2010 and 2012. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals say that only six per cent of meals were not eaten but that is still a big waste of both money and food. There are lots of reasons why the dinners might not have been eaten but hospital users point out that they want more choice for everyone. They also believe the elderly should be offered meals more appropriate to their conditions. We all know that eating well is a vital part of keeping healthy and that the NHS is strapped for money. So sorting this out would surely be a win-win for all of us?

learning at every age

It is always good to celebrate educational achievements but there is something extra special about students at the University of Sheffield’s Institute of Lifelong Learning. They are proving that age really doesn’t matter when it comes to education. Many ruled out higher education in the past but now study alongside existing commitments such as looking after families and earning money. It is great to see people striving to be the best they can be and let’s hope they all succeed. Sheffield’s own success depends on every one of us playing our part and with new qualifications, TILL students will be a key part of the city’s bright future.

Speaking up for all of us

What would you say if you had to stand on Fargate and talk to the masses? We are sure there are plenty of us who would seize the chance for a good, old moan but others who would spread messages of happiness. That’s the point of Speakers’ Corner - you say whatever you want. You might not agree with what you hear but everyone has a right to speak out.