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U-turn THE RIGHT move

Sense has prevailed and diabetic Lucy Harrison will go on her school trip. The fact that this was ever in doubt still gives us cause for concern because her condition should never have counted against her. But at least the 12-year-old will now be able to join her pals on the flight to Grenada in Spain for what should be a great experience. We are glad our story has brought about a U-turn from Forge Valley Community School because there was no good reason why she should not travel. Rightly, her parents wanted Lucy to be able to independently manage her condition. It is something she will deal with for the rest of her life, so it was important to find a solution. She will now have the right care and support during the trip which is a timely solution to a problem which should never have happened.

it’s Music to our ears

Congratulations to Music In the Round, the Sheffield chamber music group, which has won a coveted award from the Royal Philharmonic Society. We are lucky to have such an organisation which reaches out across the city to young and old alike. From its early beginnings in the 1980s, the organisation has always championed excellence and innovation. Its educational work, brilliant musicians and world-class concerts give this city an asset others can only covet. So it thoroughly deserves to win the Chamber Music and Song award, which recognises the best in business. Well done to all concerned and long may the fantastic work continue.


The prospect of replacing rails on Sheffield’s 20-year-old tram network is not one to relish but the work is inevitable. We should be pleased Stagecoach is investing in new track to ensure the network remains a safe and reliable form of transport. The process is going to be a pain but one we must grin and bear.