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The role of local newspapers is constantly under scrutiny and many challenges face us. So we hope that Local Newspaper Week will remind everyone why newspapers are at the heart of your community. It is our role to scrutinise authority and The Star’s Your Right To Know campaign is the perfect example of this, making sure you know what is going on in your city. We hope you will join our debate in ther Town Hall and continue to support The Star’s work for you.


We all want to see clean rivers and canals where wildlife can thrive, so we should be grateful for the important work carried out by volunteers in Sheffield. They monitored a 40km stretch of water along the banks of two rivers to collect information on possible sources of pollution and map locations of pipes and culverts. Happily, they also discovered a diverse array of plants and animals. This is such a worthwhile project because it will help preserve the waterways for years to come and we salute the volunteers for lending a helping hand.

the lessons of history

Preserving the memories of city dwellers for future generations is key to their understanding of how Sheffield has developed, so we are encouraged to see the Manor Memories project taking shape. It was set up with the help of lottery money and means the memories of people like Malcolm Mercer will live on for generations. The former headteacher has seen the estate go through many transformations and revisiting his time on the Manor has brought back many happy memories. This sort of social history is so meaningful to so many people that it is absolutely right to spend money on properly recording such valuable insights.