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A deadly handgun found on the streets of Sheffield is not what we expect from the safest city in England. But the fact that it was recovered thanks to excellent police work should give us cause to be re-assured. Although the police are rightly proud of the city’s safe reputation, they are not complacent and the extra patrols sent out following a shooting on the Manor estate paid dividends. It is not realistic in a city the size of Sheffield to expect no gun crime, but it is pleasing to know that the police react to incidents and that their reaction is swift and effective.


Getting people back to work is usually a cause for celebration, So the news that almost a third of people claiming incapacity benefit in Sheffield have been told to return to work over the last three years would appear to be good news. But before we get too carried away, we would suggest a note of caution. Some say new eligibility tests force people back to work who are unfit and if this is the case it will backfire because the burden will fall on an already over-stretched NHS. In our rush to get this county working again, we must be careful not to do more harm than good.


How many more times do we have to ask developer Hammerson to deliver on its Sevenstone retail quarter plan for Sheffield? The longer the company stalls, the less likely it is that anything will happen. So we are dismayed to see Hammerson announce work starting in Merthyr Tydfil and Leeds but failing to mention Sheffield in its latest report to the stock market. What have these places got that Sheffield is so lacking? If Hammerson has lost interest in our city, let us wave goodbye to them and start looking elsewhere for a developer who can start work now.