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Is there still hope for Stocksbridge Leisure Centre? The offer of funding to keep one of the pools open would certainly appear to be a lifeline. Sheffield Council leader Coun Julie Dore says it would cost £180,000 annually and wants the people of Stocksbridge to raise half of the money. The town should welcome this move. It is the first sign of compromise over the issue and offers a way forward. So campaign group 4SLC must now consider what to do. Its initial response is to ask the council to make the offer directly. This is not a promising start. Surely all concerned must forget about point-scoring and work together to come up with a solution which keeps this important facility open. Now is not the time to play politics, it is the time to listen to each other and save the pool.

don’t ignore stroke signs

Most of us are the same. If we feel unwell we soldier on, thinking whatever is ailing us will clear up soon enough. But some illnesses can’t be ignored - no matter how stoic we consider ourselves. The tell-tale signs of strokes are a case in point. Weakness in the face or arms, or sudden speech problems, are classic indicators of a potentially life-threatening stroke. Sheffield health workers will be raising awareness this month of the importance of calling 999 as soon as possible if any of these symptoms appear. This advice couldn’t be more important. Timely action saves lives.

cuts rethink still needed

It’s heartening to see the expressions of interest made by community groups prepared to take over Sheffield’s threatened libraries. More than 25 organisations say they’re willing to step into the breach if the council starts axing facilities, as is feared. But surely the show of support is yet another demonstration of the importance of the city’s libraries. A rethink over cuts should still be considered, urgently.