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Restoration of city pride

How many times have we all had a moan about Sheffield’s lost historic buildings? Scores have disappeared and can now only live on in our memories. So how refreshing to see the work that is going on to restore some of our remaining landmarks and stop the demolition man. Restoration builders often face huge challenges just tracking down the right kind of materials and making sure nothing is lost in the building work. But we are sure everyone would agree it is worth it. Expert Marc Richardson says he has much respect for the original builders and gets a lot of satisfaction in returning things to their former glory. We all share his delight when old buildings are given a new lease of life.

Friendships in tragedy

All our hearts went out to Faye Smith when we read about the tragic death of her young daughter Gabrielle. Just six weeks later the family is fundraising in the schoolgirl’s honour by taking part in the Stanage Stumble. It should be a lovely chance for people to remember the 12-year-old and support Sheffield charity Home-Start. Faye has some how found the strength to return to work and praises her loyal friends for helping her through the dark days immediately after Gabrielle’s death. A friend in need is a friend indeed - we should all remember that no matter what the circumstances.

Pram man is back again

Charities across Sheffield will be pleased to hear that the Mad Man with the Pram John Burkhill is back on the fundraising road. But it isn’t just about the money he raises - his positive outlook and great attitude to helping others makes us so proud to hail him as a true Sheffielder. He is a really good example of a dedicated charity worker so make sure you give him a wave next time he passes by.