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To lose 520 serving police officers in a decade is a shocking statistic. We all know the force is under pressure to save money, but 520 officers seems to many. Just think of all that experience, that know-how, that expertise, gone and forgotten, the victim of an increasingly destructive attempt to save money. This policy goes against all popular opinion, namely that the public wants to see more bobbies on the beat, not less. We think it is time for a review of the staffing policy in the police force before any more cuts are made. Unless we are careful, there will not be enough officers to do the job effectively. Listen to serving officers, they do not want any more cuts and why should they? So much has been done to make this the safest city in England, let us not put that in jeopardy. We hope police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright works with chief constable David Crompton to preserve the remaining workforce and maintain our hard-earned reputation.


Thank you so much to the 370 people who completed the Star Walk and made it such a fantastic success. When we revived this much-loved favourite, we knew you would respond. And those who strolled round Hillsborough Park brought the memories of previous walks flooding back. Your efforts created a sea of colour, generated much good humour and raised money for the Women of Steel statue. We could not have asked for more, so once again, thank you.


We are lucky to have Bluebell Wood children’s hospice, one of only 43 in the country and a ‘god-send’ for young patients with life-limiting conditions. 
The hospice is asking people to help fund its £3 million annual running costs.
Times are tough but life would be even more difficult for many without the hospice so we hope those people who can will offer a helping hand.