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Stooping to low depths

What possible use could a thief have for a mobility scooter taken from the garden of a woman who is now left housebound? The theft is even more despicable when you consider that Katherine Tissington, aged 92, is no ordinary woman. She gave service to this country during World War Two as a Royal Artillery Service woman. Put that next to the act of callousness from the thief and it becomes even more sickening. The thief may not have known her act of bravery so many years ago. It doesn’t matter. But how low can a thief stoop than to repay her deed of bravery with such an act of selfishness - no doubt all done as part of a prank. As a result, family and friends are having to rally round and help out, going to get her shopping and taking her out. We can only hope that some sense of shame will force the thief to find a way of returning this vehicle which is a lease of life and freedom for Katherine. Or better still, someone will know who the culprit is and report them to the police. Such an act of selfishness and stupidity should not go without punishment.

learn from criticism

The most important point of criticism is to learn from it. So we are pleased to see Sheffield college principal Mo Nisbet stay positive despite being told ‘too many’ of its 1,400 students are not achieving as well as they should. Ofsted inspectors found the performance of students at Longley Park Sixth Form College, Longley, varied ‘far too much’. Instead of sulking, Ms Nisbet has promised action. There will be changes to the way the curriculum is managed – putting more focus on teaching, learning and assessment. Ms Nisbet has also spoken of her determination to get a good or outstanding rating next time. Her recognition that there are areas the college needs to focus on is encouraging. So often, criticism can lead to a defensive response. Let us hope the college delivers on its promises and can turn round what is a challenging report.