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Moor’s the way for city

The redevelopment of The Moor illustrates more than anything two tales of one city in Sheffield, with a stalled development at Sevenstone from a developer that has treated us with little more than contempt, compared with Scottish Widows who have worked closely with the council to bring about a much-needed regeneration to that part of town. The topping- out ceremony at the site where TJ Hughes will open its store shows what can be achieved if we attract the right developer to town. Riding on the coat-tails of TJ Hughes are deals for a new fashion store and a retail and leisure development. Both the chamber of commerce and the Deputy Prime Minister have called on the council to throw in the towel with Hammerson which has failed to deliver and to seek a new partner. We await with impatience the next move.

Being good neighbours

The relationship between residents and students can sometimes be a strained one. Clashing schedules, bedtimes and attitudes towards a shared garden are often blamed for disharmony on Sheffield streets. So it is welcome that one group of students are attempting to change that. Broomhall is the first community to be featured on the NeighbourBase website, but it will hopefully be rolled out across the city. The website offers all residents the chance to chat, find out about local events and discover the history of a community. Improving relationships can only be a good thing in a world where, sadly, few people know the names of their next door neighbours.

Safe haven

First we were the safest city in England, now we’re the most peaceful. That’s according to the Peace Index, which lists cities based on the numbers of homicides, violent crimes and public disorder offences. All of which confirms this city really is a safe haven.