Online petition calls for Magid Magid to be removed as Lord Mayor of Sheffield

A petition has been set up calling for Magid to be removed as Lord Mayor - however a counter petition has since been set up
A petition has been set up calling for Magid to be removed as Lord Mayor - however a counter petition has since been set up

An online petition has been set up calling for Magid Magid to be removed as Lord Mayor of Sheffield, saying he is turning the city into a 'laughing stock'.

Since it was set up, the petition has amassed nearly 6,000 signatures all in favour of stripping the new Lord Mayor of his title.

The petition was set up anonymously online, saying that Magid is 'bringing the office of Lord Mayor into disrepute', and that he is supposed to be a figurehead who attracts business, tourism, investment but is instead turning the steel city into a 'laughing stock'.

It is open globally for signatures and has attracted attention from places such as Montenegro, New Zealand and America, with the majority of signatures from the United Kingdom.

However, the online petition provider doesn't differentiate between city, therefore it can't be seen how many signatures have originated from Sheffield residents.

The petition follows a council meeting in which Magid banned the US president Donald Trump from Sheffield ahead of his state visit to the UK next week, branding him a 'wasteman'.

He also attended the meeting wearing a sombrero in 'support of Mexican's, other Latins and all people suffering at the hands of the Trump regime'.

Since then, his controversial comments have been seen globally, and have divided opinion across the board.

One signature from a UK resident said: "Thinks he is a spokesman for all of Sheffield without ever consulting them. Disgracefully disrespectful to the heritage of a country that took him in as a refugee. Genuine embarrassment to Sheffield."

Another resident from the UK said: "This man is making a mockery of a British Council. His dress is totally inappropriate for such an office.

"It lessens the seriousness of the position he holds. How can anyone take him seriously, when he chooses to present himself in such a fashion. This reflects Britain as a whole, not just Sheffield. I am deeply embarrassed and offended."

One Sheffield resident said: "I’m from Sheffield and I think this mayor is making a mockery of the city and it’s putting a bad name for us Sheffielders."

Whilst another added: "This man is making a mockery out of local politics which is not acceptable. He is only doing it for his own self gain and egotistical endeavours.

"He's hardly been in office 2 months and he has generated a lot of bad feeling. That is the opposite of what he should be doing.

"There are a lot of hard working councillors in local government and he is making them a laughing stock as well as Sheffield."

A counter petition has since been set up, with nearly 4,000 signatures so far in support of keeping Magid as the Lord Mayor, calling him a 'noble individual who cares about the city of Sheffield'.

Quoting Albert Einstein, the description says 'his methods may be different but isn't a definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result'.

One Sheffield supporter said: "He’s amazing as a mayor and as a person, he’s done more in the community then all the past mayors put together.

"He a sign of Sheffield moving forward and the fact we have to sign this for him to keep his job shows how much hate some Sheffield residents have for people of colour."

Another said: "Because Magid is the first mayor to ever be recognised by the young people. He speaks to and for all generations, not just the older people.

"He has made a lot of people angry but so many more than that he has made happy and feel worth something! Magid is a normal guy and we need a normal guy representing us."

Another signature from the UK read: "Great Lord Mayor for Sheffield in any estimation, has a charisma, sharp, forward thinking and inclusive for all the people of Sheffield. Speaks his mind frankly and care's so much for Sheffield.

"So far he has put Sheffield city on the map as a high profile young man and thus has brought Sheffield huge publicity in a positive way and raised the profile of Sheffield in every capacity."

Whilst another said: "I am signing this to counter the hideous petition I have seen asking for him to be removed as Lord mayor. The racism in the comments is blatant and shocking. I am delighted Majid is Lord mayor and I am signing this to show my support."

Sheffield City Council declined to comment on the matter.