One year of story-telling

Volunteers hard at work at the library
Volunteers hard at work at the library
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Volunteers at Stannington Library, one of Sheffield’s former local authority libraries, are planning a special event to mark its first independent year.

The first-ever Stannington Story Festival will welcome story-tellers and writers to Stannington Park later this month, to perform and talk about their work.

Bob Mynors, of Stannington & District Library Group - the charity that coordinates the volunteer effort and manages the library’s business affairs - explained that the festival will provide an opportunity to celebrate the theme most central to the library – stories.

He said: “We have made it through our first 12 months and feel we’ve really diversified what’s on offer at the library, with poetry readings, iPad courses, a gardening club and a break dance class.

“This month we are launching a computer class and a new writers’ group to kick off our second year.

“We feel the Stannington Story Festival is an appropriate way to mark this wonderful occasion. We wanted to create an event that would be fun for people of all ages, focusing directly on our main reason for existing – stories and reading them.

“If we can make enough impact this year, we hope we can go on to create an annual event that will become an important feature in the local cultural calendar.”

The festival will run from 1pm to 6pm on Saturday, September 26 in a marquee in the park, adjacent to the library.

Bob added: “We have been able to put together an interesting mix of people – very local and from further afield – to join us on the day, including published authors Peter Garner, writer of adventure stories for teens, and Samantha Priestley, who works in deeply emotional areas that appeal to older audiences.

“We want the festival to acknowledge everything we’ve achieved although there is, of course, still lots more to do.

“While we still believe libraries need trained and paid staff, we must accept the situation and defend against further closures.”