One third of motorists successfully challenge parking fines in Sheffield and Rotherham

Traffic wardens on duty in Sheffield
Traffic wardens on duty in Sheffield
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One third of motorists issued with parking fines in Sheffield and Rotherham had them overturned, new figures reveal.

Between January and October last year, 8,981 challenges to parking fines were mounted in Sheffield with 3,047 - 33.9 per cent of drivers succeeding in getting them overturned.

In Rotherham, 844 challenges were made and 278 - 32.9 per cent - were successful.

The figures were provided by Sheffield and Rotherham councils under the Freedom of Information Act.

Guy Anker, managing editor at, said: "We hear so many stories from motorists who are victims of overzealous parking wardens.

"Often the real problem is really poor, terrible signing. People are often completely bamboozled, can I park here or can I not?"

Mr Anker said that after having a challenge rejected by the council, around 50 per cent of drivers who make a further appeal to the independent Traffic Penalty Tribunal are successful.

He said: "I would encourage everyone who feels they are being harshly treated by their council to make an appeal to the independent arbitrator."