One punch puts man in prison

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A NEIGHBOURS’ dispute turned to violence and landed a man in jail after he broke the jaw of a man who tried to intervene and separate two fighting women.

Christopher Haywood received a four months’ prison term for inflicting grievous bodily harm on the man, who needed surgery to rebuild his jawbone.

The 21-year-old, of Oldfield Avenue, Conisbrough, pleaded guilty to the charge and also admitted being in breach of a previous suspended sentence.

Beverley Tait, prosecuting, told Doncaster Crown Court there had been a neighbour dispute in which the other family had received some nuisance calls and things had been thrown into their garden.

On the day of the offence a fight developed between two females and the complainant tried to keep them apart.

Suddenly he felt a heavy blow to the side of his face which had been landed by Haywood.

Miss Tait said the victim sustained a fracture to both sides of his jaw and had to undergo reconstructive surgery, with screws and plates being inserted into the bone.

He was detained in hospital for three days and later told police he felt he had been let down because the neighbours had flouted the law.

In his first interview Haywood denied the attack but forensic evidence proved he made contact with the complainant and he accepted he had punched him.

“He said he did not intend the level of injury he caused,” said Miss Tait.

Defence counsel Ian Groome said Haywood made no excuses for his behaviour and he had not gone looking for trouble.

He was in a relationship with Emma Senior, one of the women involved in the fight, and she is expecting their baby.

“It would be regrettable if he were to be sent to prison. He feels regret that one punch caused such consequences and he knows he is facing custody.”

The judge Recorder Duncan Smith imposed a consecutive prison term of three months for the suspended sentence offence.

He told Haywood: “I wish I could look at this in isolation but I cannot because two years ago you were given the opportunity not to go to prison if you didn’t reoffend. I accept fully your remorse is genuine but the victim had to undergo reconstructive surgery and it was no doubt a very painful experience. I cannot avoid a prison sentence.”