One happy parent is better than two warring ones

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I am contacting you with my views on thearticle in Friday’s Star – single parent capital of the UK.

I feel single parents and their children are often the subject of bad press. There are many single parents who do a fantastic job and raise happy and well-adjusted children who grow up and become valued members of society.

I am a big believer that a child can do just as well with one good parent. Many women and, on occasions, men find themselves becoming a lone parent by default and end up having to make the best of a difficult situation which many do very effectively. Being a good single parent isn’t easy but I believe in some cases it works out better for the children involved. It is better to have one happy parent than to be caught between two warring parents. There is very little effective help available for parents who split. The only option for many to resolve their differences is to go to court which generally doesn’t resolve anything and just adds to the frustrations. Society is failing our children, there is no easy solution and no one-size-fits-all answer but there should be more help and support for split parents to work out their difficulties.

Every child deserves a happy and carefree childhood, whether that is with one or both parents in their lives. Society needs to stop pointing the finger at single parents and offer help, support and praise they often deserve.

M Hopwood