One can only hope that poor Blake is now resting in peace

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Another child dies a heart-breaking violent death. This time it was the turn of seven-year-old Blake Fowler.

Just like the horrific ‘Baby P’ case, the perpetrators were a derelict mother, Sarah Spacagna, a brutal stepfather Peter Meek and his brother Phillip. And once again, the authorities that were supposed to protect him looked the other way.

Another investigation conducted into the failings will result in the usual apologies from various agencies.

No-one in authority will be held accountable for his exploitation, even though all the warnings of his abuse were blatant and frequent.

The boy was held upside down in a supermarket while being hit and shaken; workmen contacted the NSPCC after seeing him with facial injuries and hearing screams from his home; health and social workers saw him with a blood blister on his eye as well as other facial injuries; his teachers saw repeated facial bruising – he even told them his ‘daddy gave him bruises;’ he was admitted to hospital several times.

How much evidence do they need? Blake’s grandmother had even contacted social workers to report a ‘cigarette burn’ on his throat, but was ignored.

Who are these people that can turn a blind eye to such cruelty?

In keeping with the incompetent record of the CPS, no charges were brought against these three savages. If it were up to me, I would publicly hang the scum with barbed wire.

As for the so-called protectors and carers responsible for his well-being who turned their backs on his welfare – you know who you are – I hope your conscience is riddled with guilt for the rest of your lives.

One can only hope that poor Blake is now, probably for the first time, resting in peace.

Peter Flynn