On the way to better roads

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AT last! It has been a long time coming and there were enough twists and tuns along the journey to drive the most even-tempered motorist to distraction.

But finally the way has been opened for Sheffield City Council to go ahead with resurfacing our 800 miles of roads, finally banishing the reputation that we are Pothole City.

This comes under a deal which was nurtured by Labour and is being finalised by the Lib Dems.

And it will be welcomed by everyone in Sheffield, regardless of how they vote at election times.

This goes beyond potholes. It even goes beyond repairing and replacing thousands of street lights, which are part of the deal.

This is an arrangement which should ensure we have a roads network which will continue to be fit to be driven on for more than two decades.

The maintenance of roads, which has been woefully lacking in Sheffield for years, leading to the current creation of an obstacle course for motorists, has been given no priority whatsoever.

But the situation has changed for the better and readers will be delighted that they will finally be able to go about their business in some comfort.

Showing how to make a difference

WELL done to Sheffield head teachers Mark Young and Nicola Shipman, who are among just 100 of their colleagues from around the country who have been chosen to be National Leaders of Education.

Under a scheme run by the National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services, they will now help out at struggling schools or those which are in transition to being given federation or academy status.

This is an important job and needs special talents to make sure that real differences are made in schools which need them. So it is encouraging to have confirmation that Sheffield has some excellent teachers equal to this job and that our children are in good hands.

The teaching profession can be something of a mystery to the public but this is a certain way to see that staff are making a difference.

Heroes for the day

FOUR schoolboys earned their day in the limelight at Bramall Lane where they rubbed shoulders with their sporting heroes.

For they were the lads who gave a vital warning to other pupils on a school bus seconds before it crashed under a bridge, slicing off its roof and showering passengers with debris.

They showed great presence of mind and we know readers will be delighted that they were given this red-carpet treatment.