On the sixth day of Christmas, The Star gave to me...

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tips on the joy of list-making!

The most stressful part of Christmas is the sheer volume of things to do: food to buy, presents to keep straight and a million and one jobs to finish before the big day.

Our simplest tip so far is the one that can save you the most hassle - lists.

n Make a list of everyone you are buying presents for. Next to their names write what you are planning to buy them. Once their present is bought, put a thick line through their name - a satisfying moment! Do the same for Christmas cards.

n Make a list of all the food you will need. A ‘Christmas dinner’ list with every ingredient on so you don’t miss a thing; an ‘alcohol’ list for everything you will need to keep your granddad in brandy and great Auntie Ethel in Babycham; a ‘snacks’ list including things like milk, bread, butter, that you will need over Christmas.

n Make a list of all the things you still need to buy, such as sellotape for gift wrapping, batteries for the kids’ toys, party dress for Christmas Day get together, etc.

n Don’t stop there: make lists of people you need to visit and TV shows you don’t want to miss! Happy listing!

Tomorrow’s tip: selecting and preparing your festive meat.