On the seventh day of Christmas, The Star gave to me...

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...tips for selecting and preparing your festive meat!

The turkey rightfully steals the limelight of a good Christmas dinner, so it’s important you get your meat selection just right.

Today’s tip comes courtesy of Simon Ayres, the executive chef of Sheffield restaurant Milestone.

“There is so much to look at when you’re selecting meat,” said 28-year-old Simon.

“Colour, condition and fat content all play a role in the flavour of the meat and differ greatly between beef, lamb and turkey, so take the time to talk to your local butcher before making your choice.

“There are also so many different ways to prepare your meat. The basting and the stuffing can make all the difference so download recipes and try something different.

“Finally, resting the meat can make all the difference. I would never serve any meat that hadn’t been rested for at least 20minutes.”

Happy cooking!

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