On the run former Doncaster prisoner flies back to UK - and taunts cops by filming himself outside police station

A former Doncaster prisoner on the run from police has flown back into the UK on a secret trip - and taunted cops by filming himself in front of a police station.

Doncaster Prison.
Doncaster Prison.

Notorious gangster Sam Walker, who fled the UK to Africa, was smuggled back in on a secret helicopter flight - and brazenly shared a video of him near a police station with patrol cars whizzing past him.

The convicted drug dealer, who spent time at Doncaster's Marsghate jail, last month gloated on camera with a guide to how to escape the country, revealing how he had fled to Sierra Leone.

According to the Daily Mail, Walker, 34, of Liverpool, was last week flown into a field in northern England before being driven away in a waiting car.

He then spent the night in a plush £250-a-night Hilton hotel room, overlooking the headquarters of Merseyside Police, as revealed in another 'step-by-step' video put on YouTube.

Walker, who has more than 100 offences under his belt, is wanted for failing to show up for court for driving without a licence.

To get back to the UK, he crossed the border from Sierra Leone to Guinea, chartered a plane to Dubai, took another plane to north Africa, crossed the Mediterranean on speedboat to Italy and took a flight to Barcelona.

He then boarded a boat to Portugal, crossed the border to north-west Spain, took a helicopter to France and continued to northern England by helicopter

Parked up outside a Cheshire police HQ, in Winsford, he laughs at the camera as patrol cars with blue lights pull out of the station and challenges: 'Cheshire Police, Merseyside Police, catch me if you can."

Last month, he released a step-by-step video guide on how to flee the country after fleeing more than 5,000 miles to Sierra Leone.

After his arrival in the country's capital, Freetown, Walker taunted police in a video telling them: 'Better luck trying to catch me when I go out of the country next time, Merseyside Police.'

Walker was cleared in 2013 of being involved in a plan to smuggle drugs and mobile phones into Doncaster prison - where he was an inmate at the time - after which he unveiled a black T-shirt bearing the slogan 'Not Guilty'

He claims he has been in Sierra Leone delivering charity donations to people living in slums in the city's capital.