On the 10th day of Christmas, The Star gave to me...

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..great last minute Christmas e-cards!

CHRISTMAS is almost here and you still haven’t got round to sending out, writing, or possibly even buying your Christmas cards?

Here at The Star we have the perfect solution. Get digital this festive season and send your Christmas wishes via e-card.

“E-cards are a great choice as an alternative to traditional greeting cards,” said self professed tech-geek Adam Farah, a freelance development consultant from Barnsley.

“They’re better for the environment, as they don’t need to be manufactured, transported or disposed of.

“They’re delivered instantly so there’s no need to fret when the weather turns bad or you miss the last post and there are so many varieties available now that can all be personalised. The animated ones are far more interesting than regular cards!

“But one of the best reasons for sending e-cards is they’re free, which at this time of year is something we could all use!”

There are tons of sites offering free e-cards, but if you’re feeling in a giving mood why not visit Marie Curie’s website to check out their charity e-cards which pass on your festive messages while helping to support a worthy cause.

Happy well-wishing!

Tomorrow’s tip: Enjoying Christmas weekend!