On ninth day of Christmas, The Star gave to me

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Parlour games to entertain the family this Christmas Day!

Christmas is a time for games. For many, that means plugging in the Wii after dinner, or perhaps pulling out the Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit.

But there is another world of gaming fun in the Dickens-era styling of Parlour Games.

Parlour games hark back to a simpler time and Christmas is a great time to have a go. Look up the following for some festive fun:

The Six Degrees of Separation: this game stems from the theory that everyone on earth can be connected to one another in six steps or less, crazy but true! Fun when played with celeb names.

Twenty Questions: guess which celebrity name you have pinned to you back in twenty questions or less, anything from ‘am I married’ and ‘do I have any tattoos’ to ‘have I been famous more than a decade’ and ‘am I good looking.’

The Alphabet Game: work your way through the alphabet, playing with anything from films to animals, lose a point if you can’t think of anything.

Charades: trusty faithful!

Happy playing!

Tomorrow’s tip: Christmas e-cards!