On board? Don’t make me laugh

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I despaired on reading the front page of The Star regarding Hammerson and the Pinstone Street area, as so much is wrong with the situation.

At least we now know why the game went on for so long. The council has excelled itself again by agreeing with the developers that they cannot sell to a third party, but only to the council. This agreement needs amending as soon as possible. Hammerson will have paid 2007 prices and the council cannot afford to buy them out. Please no more bleating about “massive” government cuts while we are still paying “massive” interest repayments on the not-so-massive Student games.

I almost laughed when reading about the delicate situation and that the council will not be held to ransom. Unfortunately, it is not funny at all, as we all know how spineless the council can be.

Terry Tiller

Kelham Island