On a winner with Bingo

Bingon Rescue  rescue dog
Bingon Rescue rescue dog
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Bouncy Bingo is not looking for a full house – just a home that can offer the one-year-old dog the love and care he craves.

Tony Benham, RSPCA Sheffield animal care manager, said: “Bingo is one of those cheery, bubbly dogs whose name springs to mind because of his cheerful, springy nature.”

He said the brown and white crossbreed was ‘ready to leave kennel life’.

Tony said: “He shouldn’t be left for long periods and certainly not when he is first adopted, as he has had a tough time and needs company as much as possible at first, building up periods of time on his own as he grows in confidence.

“He loves company and would make a fabulous canine companion for someone looking for a dog they can really bond with.

“He is excitable, but loving and responds well to training.”

n For details, call the RSPCA, on Stadium Way, Attercliffe, on 0114 289 8050.