Ombudsman on your side

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IT’S a bit of a mouthful, but don’t let that put you off, because the Financial Ombudsman Service is your ally in any battle with the banks – and it’s free.

The FOS last year received 9,000 complaints from people living in South Yorkshire – an increase of more than a third on the previous year.

It is currently upholding more than half in favour of consumers.

The five most complained about money matters are:

Payment protection insurance;

Credit card accounts

Current accounts

House mortgages

Car/motorcycle insurance.

Million of claims for mis-sold payment protection insurance are now being settled by banks after a six-year legal battle.

The FOS set tough deadlines for dealing with complaints, but there are no rules on how quickly banks should actually pay up.

Complain to the FOS if you are the victim of delays on 0800 0234567.