Olympic judo team feeling full of beans

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YOU need to be full of beans to compete in the Olympics.

And members of the Brazilian judo team currently training in Sheffield are - thanks to the chef at the Kenwood Hotel, in Nether Edge.

The team is staying at the hotel and using the nearby Sheffield Hallam University facilities to train in.

And to show how much the city appreciates their business, Sheffield Council leaders have made sure they feel right at home by organising a Brazilian chef to teach the hotel’s team how to make them a specialist Brazilian black bean stew.

The traditional dish – called feijoada - is eaten three times a day by millions of Brazilians.

And for the judo team it is imperative they get to eat this favourite dish at least twice a day, as it gives them the vital strength they need to compete in the Olympic games.

Brazilian chef Rubens Izidorio, aged 31, who came especially to Sheffield to train Kenwood’s chef Bart Komuniecki, said: “It is a really nutritious dish for us as it gives us lots of energy which is released really slowly.

“However, in the UK it is relatively unheard of.

“So it is great that Sheffield is embracing our Brazilian Olympic judo team in this way and I have been glad to be able to teach the Sheffield chef how to make it.

“And if it helps my fellow countrymen to win Olympic medals then all the better.”

Chef Komuniecki added: “At first I was worried about making a new dish I had not heard of before, but I think I have got it right now.”

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