Old Town Hall a perfect museum

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I have a subject for consideration that could provide the solution and could reduce the number of head-in-the-sand Sheffielders who have no positive thoughts other than spending ratepayers’ money on preservation of historic sites that have passed their sell-by dates.

The old Town Hall (the second in Sheffield to replace the first which was on the tramlines outside the cathedral) is regularly held up as an iconic Sheffield building full of history and decomposition. In fact Charles Peace was incarcerated there before having his neck extended in Leeds.

The market area is already earmarked for redevelopment and will never include the idyllic theme park with a replica castle and Morris Dancers drooled about by some, but the city’s planners will have taxed the development to provide amenities to the area as a condition of its approval.

This then gives the city a building with deep links to the castle and the city which could easily become the castle and city museum (finding a cellar I’m sure for much of the ‘tat’ left by the former Heritage Museum on Ecclesall Road) and with a self-funding solution.

Albert Jackson, Positive Historian, Sheffield 9