Old dog Ronnie has a new trick

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Ronnie Wood; what went right?

All those years of poisoning himself with drugs and booze.

By rights, he should have strummed his last chord years ago and popped off.

Faded to black.

Obviously, though, Rolling Stones don’t need a life of lentils and early nights.

Each and every member of what is indisputably the greatest rock band on earth must be carved of granite and tungsten-tipped.

In 2008, we all thought he was finally heading for reactor melt-down. He dumped his wife of 23 years, the long-suffering soul-mate Jo.

He ran off with an 18-year-old Russian and did all the stuff that would have finished off a man a third of his age. Red-top headlines had a field-day with the wood puns.

But then something happened. That battered old head clearly wasn’t as raddled as it looked; some survival instinct kicked in. And a year ago, he got himself a job. On radio.

DJ Ron’s just been named Music Radio Personality Of The Year. At 63, and after just 12 months in the swivel-chair, he’s wupped the lardy ass of Radio One’s Chris Moyles.

He says his new-found talent for radio actually saved him. That now he’s “clean and serene”.

Old dogs never die. They just learn new tricks.