Oh dear. Here we go again

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IT took Labour 12 years to bankrupt this country, so they didn’t rush it. Then their oversubscription of immigrants was, as they say, the icing on the cake.

Would it have an effect on social services? You bet. Go and sit in a doctor’s surgery.

But then Labour had a plan and was it cunning? You bet it was. It must have been, because a hell of a lot of people fell for it. It was called ‘blame Nick Clegg for everything’.

It’s not the folly of spending money, we haven’t got... No, I’ll rephrase that, wasting money we haven’t got, it’s Nick Clegg and the coalition Government rushing through policies of reform.

I still won’t vote for Nick Clegg but come on, get real. I do think Labour (Blair and Brown) had a bit to do with it. As for what’s his name who took over from Brown, you can’t be serious?

You are?

Oh God here we go again.

S Varley, Sheffield