Oh baby - just look at these summer cuties

Tropical Butterly house'North Anston''Storks signal summer
Tropical Butterly house'North Anston''Storks signal summer
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SUMMERTIME - and there’s a bit of baby boom going on down at the Tropical Butterfly Wildlife and Falconry Centre.

First to arrive at the centre in Woodsetts Road, North Anston, were the storks.

And on this occasion they weren’t delivering the new babies wrapped in blankets.

That’s because the two white storks are babies themselves.

The pair, who are a little over seven weeks old, are around three feet tall and still growing.

Animal Presenter Heather Scott said: “Zeus and Athena are settling in well to their new home at the centre and will be trained over the coming weeks to take part in our popular Aerial Antics display.”

She explained that white storks are long distance migratory birds that winter in the warmer climates of central and southern Africa and migrate north to Europe and southwestern Asia.

Other new arrivals at the centre include five frolicking goat kids which arrived in the Farm Barn at the start of July after a five-month wait.

Heather said: “Daniel the Billy goat is the proud father of the entirely black and white brood, who are being bottle-fed in their temporary home in the small animal house until they are ready to rejoin the other inhabitants of the farm barn, including two new and very cute piglets.”

And then came the meerkats.

Mrs Meerkat, the alpha female of Meerkat Mansion, has also expanded her family.

She gave birth to three pups in secret and brought them all outside for the first time a few weeks ago to a very surprised and excited audience at the Meet the Meerkats daily encounter!

Said Heather: “The babies have been practising standing up, and falling over, and have been play-fighting with each other and the other five adults, entertaining both visitors and staff with their playful antics.”