Ofsted names Doncaster schools who have not been 'good' for 10 years

Three Doncaster schools have failed to achieve a 'good' inspection rating for 10 years, it has emerged.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 22nd December 2017, 11:25 am
Updated Friday, 22nd December 2017, 11:30 am
Balby Carr Community Academy. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP 08-06-15 Balby Carr MC 2
Balby Carr Community Academy. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP 08-06-15 Balby Carr MC 2

Three Doncaster schools have failed to achieve a 'good' inspection rating for 10 years, it has emerged.

Stirling Primary School, Armthorpe Academy, and Balby Carr Community Academy, all in Doncaster are among 130 identified by Ofsted as not having achieved a 'good' rating in inspections for the last decade despite receiving 'considerable attention and investment'.

Others facing similar challenges have been able to achieve success, showing improvement is possible, it states.

Amanda Spielman, the education watchdog's chief inspector, called for support to be directed at consistently under-performing schools.

"Fixating on all the things holding schools back can distract us all from working on the things that take them forward," she added.

"Schools with all ranges of children can and do succeed.

"Where this is difficult, what is needed is greater support and leadership from within the system.

"That means making sure the system has the capacity to provide this support."

Overall, education and care provided to young people is 'better than ever', with around 90 per cent of primary schools and 79 per cent of secondaries rated good or outstanding, the report said.

Armthorpe Academy principal, Andy Peirson, said: “Whilst the academy has not yet achieved a good rating, the reality is that Armthorpe Academy has progressed significantly since we joined Consilium Academies in 2015.

“In 2016 we were one of the most improved schools in the country as the number of children achieving passes in English and maths more than doubled. In 2017 we not only managed to maintain the standards set a year earlier, but in many areas we actually saw further improvement.

“There is real momentum behind what we are achieving and where we are going as a school. I am confident that we can continue on this trajectory and impress the Ofsted Inspectors when the next visit us, which is likely to be over the next 12 months.“

Head teacher at Balby Carr Community Academy Tom Ashley, appointed earlier this year, said: “Outcomes are not where they should be, despite a significant amount of hard work, and haven’t been for a considerable period of time.

“Sponsor Wakefield City Academies Trust recognises that and its board took the decision to rebroker the school.

“We are now working with the preferred sponsored Astrea Academy Trust to address school improvement issues.

“I am focused on a better future for our students.”

Stirling Primary School, run by the Astrea educational trust has recently changed its name to Atlas. A spokesperson for Astrea said: “Stirling Primary Academy joined Astrea just last month and is now called Atlas Academy. We have appointed a new head and have a brand new building. This marks a fresh start for the school, and we are committed to delivering on our promise to local parents of providing an education that inspires beyond measure.”

Other South Yorkshire schools on the list include The Dearne Advanced Learning Centre and West Melton Junior and Infant School, both in Rotherham.