Officers vow to confront 'dismal' litter situation on Sheffield estate

Litter on Manor Top, Sheffield.
Litter on Manor Top, Sheffield.
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This was the 'dismal' sight which officers came across on a routine patrol of a Sheffield estate.

The Manor and Arbourthorne policing team was on patrol in Manor Top when they photographed the two areas shown, sharing the shots on social media shortly afterwards.

On Facebook, the officers said they were aware that litter was a top priority for the residents and added they have been working closely with partner agencies to address the issue.

Commenting on the post, Councillor Ben Miskell said the issue of litter was of huge concern in the area and 'consistently comes through as a number one issue that residents in our ward want to see improved'.

The officers added later that they hoped to organise a community litter pick in the area which they would advertise soon on their Facebook page.

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