Officer praises fans who tried to revive Hillsborough victim

Richard Jones, one of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster
Richard Jones, one of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster
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A police officer who tried to assist a Sheffield victim of the Hillsborough disaster has praised the fans who attempted to revive him.

Rick Jones, who lived in Crookes, died in the disaster alongside girlfriend Tracey Cox.

Police officer Paul Bromley gave evidence to the new inquests into the deaths of the 96 Liverpool fans.

He said there was ‘no sign of life’ from Mr Jones, who was 25 years old.

Mr Bromley helped carry Mr Jones on a hoarding with supporters as they went towards the stadium gym to try and get him medical assistance.

He said Mr Jones was placed on the ground outside the gym, where he tried to help with resuscitation attempts.

Mr Bromley said: “The football supporters that were with him were doing an extremely good job of trying to do that.

“I recall that the reason he was placed on the ground was simply we couldn’t get any further, such was the chaos between the egress of the ramp and the gymnasium, that it was clearly going to take a while to be able to gain access to the gymnasium, which is the place that I felt the help would probably be.”

He added: “The guys that were with him were fairly distressed.

“They were the prime movers in trying to resuscitate him.

“I didn’t feel I could do any better but I certainly struck him in the chest, because, as far as I was concerned he was - I unfortunately used the word ‘dead’, but I’d like to replace that with unresponsive, and he remained unresponsive.”

In his statement he said he checked the casualty for a pulse in wrist and touched the white of his eye but had no response.

Mr Jones said it had been ‘chaos’ in the stadium gym, with a ‘pile of casualties’ lying on the ground.

He said Mr Jones was kept separate from the ‘pile’ of bodies.

The court also heard evidence about the death of 15-year-old Peter Harrison.

He had gone to the game with his father and brother but was separated from them at about 2.30pm when he went through the turnstiles to buy a programme.

Peter was in Pen Three in the Leppings Lane terrace and footage was shown to the court of him being carried out by officers and placed on the pitch at 3.26pm.

John Charles, who was a detective inspector with South Yorkshire Police, helped carry Peter towards the gym.

He said he thought Peter was ‘recoverable’ but didn’t observe any signs of life.

Peter was confirmed dead at the gym by a doctor at 4pm.

His body was formally identified by John Harrison, Peter’s adopted dad, at 10.25pm that night.

The inquests are now on a summer break and will resume at the start of September.