Officer learns about Sheffield life

Police student Jan Regendorff left  from Germany, with Darren McKenna at Firth Park
Police student Jan Regendorff left from Germany, with Darren McKenna at Firth Park
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A YOUNG police officer swapped his home country of Germany for the streets of Sheffield when he spent a month learning about the challenges faced by bobbies in the city.

Jan Regendorff, aged 25, has just completed a policing degree at Bremen University and requested to accompany South Yorkshire Police for four weeks to see the work done by the force’s different departments.

Jan was mainly based with the North East Safer Neighbourhood Team, which covers Burngreave, Firth Park, Shiregreen and Southey.

PC Darren McKenna, from the team, said he thought the newly-qualified officer would go far in his chosen job.

PC McKenna said: “He took to it very well. The departments around Sheffield have taken police officers from abroad in the past but probably for not as long.

“He said he couldn’t believe how different it was in Sheffield from Bremen, and the number of ethnic groups that are present just in our policing area.

“He’d heard we had migration issues but never on that scale. It’s totally different policing from what he would get over there.”

PC McKenna said Jan sometimes found it difficult to stick to his strictly observational role.

“He wanted to join in but for legal reasons he couldn’t. He was trying to hold back.

“I would expect him not to stay a regular patrolman. I’d expect him to climb the career ladder at some point.”

Jan travelled to Sheffield at his own expense - and when he left extended a return invitation to his new friends.

PC McKenna said: “There was no language barrier, he spoke very good English and made lots of friends.

“Several officers are chomping at the bit to go to Bremen.”