Offenders on the straight and marrow

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EX-offenders growing organic vegetables as part of a project to help keep them on the straight and narrow have been given a shed to lock up their tools.

Henry Boot Construction donated the shed to the Catch22 charity, which runs an allotment project on Grimesthorpe Road in Sheffield as part of its Steps to Success programme.

The charity helps adult ex-offenders grow vegetables together and supports young people with tough lives.

It aims to stop the cycle of re-offending by encouraging the youngsters to grow organic vegetables together - promoting a sense of teamwork, belonging and pride as well as healthy eating and fitness.

Quintina Crozier, volunteer co-ordinator for Steps to Success, said: “We travel to the allotment using public transport, carrying all of our tools with us - the shed will provide a safe place to store the tools and some much-needed shelter for those wintry days. 

“This will make a huge difference to the project and we would like to thank Henry Boot Construction for their kind donation.”