Off-road vehicles plea

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A GROUP representing horse riders, ramblers and environmentalists is calling for a ban on off-road vehicles in the Peak District.

The organisations have formed the Peak District Green Lane’s Alliance to urge national park bosses to take decisive action against the problem.

Patricia Stubbs, vice chairman of Peak Horsepower, said: “People are absolutely sick of it. These vehicles are going where they have no right to go, as well as destroying the roads that they do have rights to travel on.

“Those of us who care about the Peak District are absolutely beside ourselves, some to the point of weeping in despair, at the state of what has happened to such a beautiful part of the world.”

The alliance is most concerned about bridleways, which off-road vehicles are not supposed to use, and green lanes, which are unclassified roads open to all traffic.

It says it is frustrated by a lack of action taken by the Peak District Nation Park Authority, against off-road vehicles in these areas.

Ms Stubbs said: “Even though they say they are doing their best to reach a satisfactory solution, they are not using their powers properly. They have the legal right to ban 4x4s and other off-road vehicles on these roads, and they have failed to do this.”

But the Authority says it does not have any plans to ban off-road vehicles from green lanes.

A spokesman added: “We share the PGDLA’s concern about the illegal use of bridleways and we are working very hard to ensure the public are aware of where they can and can’t go.

“The National Park Authority is working hard to improve signs to inform people on what routes they can use.

“It is a criminal offence for vehicles to use bridleways and people should report illegal activity to the police.”