Observations from University of Obvious

On reading your article '˜Prune Power' I was plunged into thinking it was April 1st!

It starts out fine with warnings about ‘super foods’ being “bigged” up, (whatever language that is in).

It then goes on to tell us that new UK research funded by the California prune board suggests that prunes are the solution to our lack of fibre.

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I may be a bit thick here, but research funded by the prune board isn’t going to be negative about prunes.

It goes on to tell us about prunes dramatically improving our fibre intake resulting in significantly improved bowel function.

This ‘brand new research’ adds significant weight to existing EU health claims, says the marketing director for California prune board.

It then goes on to say that this published research has used robust, objective outcome measures to confirm that eating a diet rich in California prunes offers improved normal bowel function. (Other brands may be available!) Let me state here and now, I have nothing against prunes. Californian or otherwise.

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I honestly thought this was an advertisement for California Prunes.

We have known that prunes help you ‘go’ for years. I do hope that the Prune Board have not paid out significant sums to tell us what we already know. What a waste of resource.

Objective scientific research, I think not.

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Kathryn Foreman


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