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Responding to Kevin Hanson’s comments in his article, I would like to comment on some of his views on my letter.

First of all, no, our lives have not come to any harm for Jeremy Corbyn not singing the national anthem. I perhaps think that we should forget about our national anthem and perhaps start singing what Corbyn was singing after his coming to power. I noticed he didn’t think twice about singing The Red Flag.

Secondly, my use of the phrase about immigrants “to conform” is probably a bit strong.

Perhaps it is the failure of past governments, Tory, Labour and many more who have pushed for multiculturalism, that has caused many people indigenous, immigrant or second generation immigrant to feel that they are not all the same people. And we should feel like we are the same people. If we do not have a national identity, then there is not much hope for us all.

We are seeing many hundreds of young British men and women turning their backs on their nation to fight for IS. Again I will probably be scolded for saying this by Kevin.

He now probably thinks I am Islamaphobic. But many people I know who are Muslim are also concerned about why these people feel so cut off from the British way of life. Perhaps it is the Multiculturalism bug that has finally bitten.

My comment on Corbyn and him wanting to wipe our culture off the face of the planet, is often how a lot of people feel.

You read about Christian celebrations, such as the Nativity plays at school, and being able to wear a crucifix necklace being seen as offensive to other religions, when in fact, most of these stupid comments come from people who often are not of an ethnic minority, or different religion. They cause trouble and immigrants often bear the brunt.

And no, my views are not at all cathartic about immigrants.

Many people I know are from an immigrant background and trust me, if I had a problem with them, I am not two-faced, I wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

But I just feel that whenever the word “IMMIGRATION” comes up in any discussion, people just jump on it and shout racist, bigot and fascist.

Now immigration whether you accept it or not is a sore topic at the moment. Right now, immigration is faster than we can handle, and Corbyn, Cameron and many others will not accept it.

Now Labour have got Corbyn as their new leader, let us see what he is about. Perhaps he will do a good job, I don’t know.

But let us not forget what are the main topics in the UK right now. They are austerity, immigration, the EU, housing, school places, the NHS, terrorism, climate change and so on.

All these are linked to another in some way, and I’m afraid that none of them will get solved by denying that they exist.

Matthew Hobson

by email