Objectors urged to attend council meeting to discuss plans to close libraries in Sheffield

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Sheffield residents objecting to plans to close libraries across the city are being urged to attend a meeting.

Campaigners wanting Sheffield Council to keep the libraries open are asking people to bring banners and to turn out in high numbers.

Council chiefs have suggested closing some libraries in a bid to save money after Government funding cuts.

Ruth Woodhouse, from Park, who objects to the plans, said: “The people of Sheffield have voted the council in and pay taxes towards their wages and our council services. But thousands of us across the city have lost faith in their decision-making on the libraries.

“We’ve put up with library hours and staffing levels being cut, but this latest sweep to close half the local libraries in April is barbaric.

“Can we jeopardise having a literate, reading, educated public, or some children having somewhere safe to go after school? It is an unacceptable course of action, no matter how desperate the council are to balance the books.

“These libraries will never be replaced once they are gone. Just as the government cuts are unequally biased towards cities like Manchester and Sheffield, these library cuts in Sheffield are wholly unequal and unfair to some areas in comparison to others.

“People need their local libraries, and we should all have access to one, with trained staff running it. The young, old and disabled will particularly lose out if our local libraries are closed. In our area, five schools and two nurseries visit our library weekly to read, enjoy and borrow books.

“The timing of the consultation falling so close to Christmas has made it very hard for many people to be involved, but over 10,000 signatures in November from angry Sheffield residents against the closures speak for themselves. We want a long-term commitment from the council to keep all libraries open.”

People are being urged to attend the council meeting at the Town Hall at 1pm on Wednesday, January 8, when libraries will be discussed.