OAPs' anger over nuisance pupils' shortcut through Doncaster estate

Angry residents on a Doncaster mobile homes estate are demanding action over unruly pupils from a nearby school who use their site as a shortcut.
Concerned residents at the gates of Lambeth House mobile home parkConcerned residents at the gates of Lambeth House mobile home park
Concerned residents at the gates of Lambeth House mobile home park

Pensioners on the Lambeth House estate, on the end of Lambeth Road, in Balby, claim they are suffering damage to their property, bad language, and dangerous cycling by youngsters making their way home from Balby Carr Academy on Weston Road.

They say they have contacted the school to call for action many times over a period of years, but the problem keeps coming back. They have also spoken to the police about the issue.

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Resident Elaine Jarvill, aged 66, said: "This is supposed to be a private site, but even if the gates are closed they still get through. We have had stones thrown at windows. We have had cars scratched and paint put on them.

"We have been in touch with police numerous times, but we just get an incident number.

"I want to school to take notice."

She said two years ago, a teacher from the school came out and caught 85 pupils on he site, but the problem was back again.

Husband Charlie Jarvill, aged 73, said the children who came through were wearing Balby Carr uniforms, and should be representing the school.

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Terry Alden, aged 77, a retired cleaning company manager, said he had seen the fence next to his house damaged by fire, and children had thrown their rubbish on his property.

On one occasion he was left fearful for his safety as a youngster came round a corner cycling towards him at speed.

He said: "I was nearly run over and I was scared for my safety.

"I don't think some of the parents know what's gong on.

Barbara Berman, aged 72, a retired national account manager, said: "I'm disabled, and they throw things outside my house. We all feel like targets."

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Rose Davis, aged 78, a retired school cook, said she once had an object thrown through her car's glass sun roof, smashing it. "I went outside and I was laughed at," she said.

Brenda Rukin, aged 83, a retired wages clerk, said the fence at the bottom of her garden had been damaged. "The language that is used is upsetting too," she added.

Tom Ashley, head teacher at Balby Carr Community Academy, said the school was aware of the issues raised by residents and, said if it is the school's students involved, he would like to apologise for anydistress caused.

He said: “We have organised for a member of staff to be on duty in the area concerned at appropriate times and, indeed, I have visited myself.

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“The academy values its relationship with the local community and I’m upset to hear of the incidents reported by residents.

“I would like to reassure them that, if our students are involved, we will take effective action. I will be reiterating the importance of being good neighbours in assemblies. The anti-social behaviour being reported will not be tolerated.

“I would encourage residents to call the academy on 01302 312140 or email us at [email protected] to alert us to any further issues.”