Nurse struck off after stealing tea and coffee

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A NURSE who stashed tea, coffee and biscuits from a Sheffield hospital in her bag has been struck off.

Sian Sheeran was caught when colleagues spotted her bulging holdall during her notice period at the private BMI Thornbury Hospital, Fulwood Road, Ranmoor.

Sheeran also helped herself to the hospital’s medicines during April 2008, the Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing was told.

Kristian Garsed, for the NMC, told the hearing Jane Davies, a nursing assistant at the Thornbury Hospital noticed a bag in Sheeran’s office that was ‘extremely full.’

Ms Davies looked in the holdall and discovered a quantity of milk, sugar and polystyrene cups.

During disciplinary interviews, Sheeran admitted taking food, but claimed she had not done so ‘consciously.’

She said: “I have gone home with a packet of biscuits in my pocket before.”

Asked about the missing medicines, Sheeran admitted she had ‘obviously gone in and taken’ the drugs and put them in her bag.

She said: “I can’t remember how they got there. I don’t dispute that I took them. I have obviously been doing things that I shouldn’t have been doing, but I don’t remember.”

Striking Sheeran off, panel chairman Stephen Barker said: “Although she was not successful in her efforts, it was her intention which led to the panel’s finding that she had acted dishonestly.

“The panel notes the registrant has not attended today in order to apologise for her behaviour or demonstrate any insight into her misconduct.

“There is no information before the panel that suggests Sheeran recognises the damage her actions will have caused to the reputation of the profession or has taken any step to address her dishonesty.

“The panel finds the attempted removal of items of food and drink are just as serious as the attempted removal of medicines, since tea, coffee etc. provide patients with a degree of comfort.

“The panel finds Sheeran’s dishonesty has seriously undermined confidence in the profession and is incompatible with her remaining on the register.”