Number of apprentices being hired soars in Sheffield

Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg
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The number of apprentices in Sheffield has risen by 80 per cent, according to new figures.

Statistics show 20,420 apprenticeships have been created in the city since 2010, compared to 11,330 in the four years previously.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg welcomed the news at the Skills Show in Birmingham, and said the figures had almost doubled nationally.

Sheffield Hallam MP Mr Clegg told The Star that Sheffield had seen a bigger increase in apprenticeships than any other northern city.

He added: “This boosts Sheffield because apprenticeships are all about giving the skills needed so young people can take up vacancies and boost the economy.

“It is a tragedy when I meet employers who say we’ve got this great position but we can’t find young people who want to take up the post. It’s letting businesses and youngsters down.”

Mr Clegg said the country was moving away from the ‘snobbery’ that an academic qualification was deemed to be more valuable than a vocational one.

The Government is now launching a new database of post-16 skills and employer led-courses and opportunities for the start of the next school year in September 2015 - similar to the UCAS university system.

Mr Clegg said it would make battling through the confusing web of ‘acronyms and local projects’ easier for youngsters seeking training.