Nuisance crime figures plummet

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A BIG drop in the amount of anti-social behaviour reported across Doncaster this summer has far exceeded police targets.

In June, July and August, incidents dealt with by police fell to 7,018 compared to almost 10,000 in the same quarter in 2011.

This is 29.1 per cent fewer than at the same point last year, members of Doncaster Council’s overview and scrutiny panel were told yesterday.

The reduction for August was even better, at more than 31 per cent.

“This continuing solid performance significantly exceeds the reduction target of five per cent,” said Alan Wiltshire, Doncaster Council’s policy and performance manager.

There was further good news for the committee on vandalism and criminal damage, which has shown a 26.6 per cent fall since summer 2011 – with 1,535 incidents compared to 2,092, described as ‘very positive’.

Small-scale arson attacks, such as setting fire to wheelie bins, has also come down dramatically, according to the report.

In summer 2011, there were 162 incidents but it plunged to only 54 this year.

But the news is not so good on domestic violence, which continues to remain high. From April to August 631 incidents were classed as domestic violence.

“This is the highest domestic violence rate per population in South Yorkshire,” said Mr Wiltshire.The figures will possibly go up even more from next April when 16 and 17-year-olds and coercive behaviour are included.

Doncaster also has the highest number of high-risk cases in the county, now at more than 200.

Other crime figures to come down include serious acquisitive crime – down 17.6 per cent – such as shoplifting and metal thefts.

The latter is due to a special task force being set up and the fall in metal prices.