Nuclear bomb tests created the holes in the ozone layer

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I read an interesting article about the ozone layer and I believe every word of it because I remember bombs being tested in the atmosphere in the 1960s and this government and previous governments are not telling us the whole truth.

Starfish Prime, an American upper atmospheric nuclear test was witnessed in 1962 by a man called Bill Hartley.

He is quoted in the New Zealand Herald that this test is partly to blame for the hole and says gradual depletion of ozone by chemical reactions would lead to a generalised thinning of the layer as the pollutants spread throughout the atmosphere, whereas massive nuclear blasts in the upper atmosphere would produce instant holes.

With the rise of the global warming phenomenon everyone was overlooking the probability that the ozone hole was largely involved.

Yet they were pointing the finger at fossil-burning emissions.

After some research he discovered the US tested 331 bombs in the atmosphere, six above the US and the rest above the Marshal Islands in the Pacific Ocean with some in the South Atlantic.

Although the ozone hole was initially above the Pacific it has migrated slowly down to its present position over Antarctica and in the meantime heating the ocean day by day for 50 years.

Russia also tested bombs in the atmosphere above their own country.

Mr Hartley believed that had produced a hole over the Arctic Circle which would explain the rapid thaw in places such as Greenland.

When the nuclear bombs were detonated the huge amount of light released activated the massive release of chlorine which gobbled up a gigantic hole in the ozone.

He concluded that he didn’t think anything could be done about the hole in the ozone layer but he thought climate scientists were missing the piece of the puzzle without the information.

Stephen Day